Alpaca Advantage

All of the pieces in our collection are made using ethically sourced alpaca fibre from Peru. Alpaca fibre is a rich, luxurious, silky fibre that has many benefits over traditional types of sheep’s wool and even cashmere. There are so many reasons why we love alpaca fibre and here's why you should too! 

  • Alpaca fibre is one of the finest animal fibres in the world
  • It is a natural organic fibre
  • Alpaca fibre has thermal insulation making it five times warmer and durable than sheeps wool
  • Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin making it hypoallergenic

We have partnered with one of the highest quality alpaca yarn producers in the world. They are located in Arequipa, Peru and have achieved high acclaim through their innovative concepts that are based on ancient and noble traditions. They currently have an ORKO-TEX certification for their alpaca and wool tops in natural colours. 

They are also active in the social responsibility efforts of their company. The company helps farmer communities in the highland, provides commercial opportunities to small companies, and also protects the environment of Arequipa. They provide jobs which directly benefit more than one thousand families in Peru through their Social Responsibility Program. These families include rural families who make a living from alpaca farming.